Uniforms ARE Available for the 2020 Police Unity Tour


Please Click the link above to place an order for uniforms for the 2020 Police Unity Tour.

Please note, uniforms will only be sold and shipped to members of the Police Unity Tour.  All orders will be cross referenced to our current rider list.  Please email any questions or concerns.

All uniform orders placed for the 2020 Police Unity Tour will be shipped.  There is a $10 flat fee for all orders.

Uniform Descriptions

Please CLICK HERE for a complete description of all uniforms.

As a reminder, all riders are required to wear a Police Unity Tour Jersey and Helmet cover while participating in the Police Unity Tour Ride. 

You are also required to wear black shorts or bike pants while riding in the Police Unity Tour.  They can be any brand or style, they must be all black.



Department Patches

Department patches may be sewn onto the center rear pocket of your Police Unity Tour Jersey and or windbreaker.  Make sure you do not sew the pocket closed. Only one Police Department patch may be displayed.  

Absolutely no advertisements or sponsor logos are allowed on the Police Unity Tour Ride Jersey or Uniforms